About Us : Refined Consulting Group

About Us : Refined Consulting Group

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

Darrick Philp and Dwight Miller have worked together for over a decade. They found that their individual talents and personalities complemented each other’s in surprising ways, and it was what turned out to be inseparable. The service industry is changing at a rapid pace and one that many companies are struggling to keep up with. This made them eager to cultivate their own practice, one that would effectively intersect their expertise with their respective interests. They believe that serving their clients with a desire to see their businesses thrive is the passion that drives it. Choosing to specialize in a field means that you are completely devoted to it; that you will protect it as if it were your own. That is the energy that sets them apart.

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Enthusiasm, Dedication, and Nuanced Perspective

Refined Consulting Group opened its doors in 2016. Since then, they’ve facilitated the success of clients from one and two-person shops to multi-million dollar service companies in Washington State. Refined Consulting Group brings an exceptional level of enthusiasm, dedication, and nuanced perspective that makes their firm the holistic solution for clients who want to see change, growth, and hope.

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